Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tax Season is almost OVER!

Well, I'm almost back again. This tax season took me a little bit by surprise. I have worked lots of hours with very few days off. I'll know to be a little more prepared next year! Since Christmas, Jeremy and I spent a week in Vegas in January. Jan came down and kept the kids. Mitchell broke his collar bone playing football the night before we got back home. So I literally got out of the car to get right back in to spend three hours at the ER. Everyone has fully recovered including Papaw!

We were able to spend some time with Stephanie while we were home for Christmas. She is doing great! There is a picture of her and the kids in the Christmas photos. Since Christmas, she has had an additional surgery on her legs. I talked to her last week, and she has thrown her walker in for a cane! Thanks to everyone who still thinks about her!

Mason has been busy with baseball and Mitchell is getting ready to start spring soccer. He had to sit out of the rest of basketball and all of track due to his injury. We are all ready for him to get back into sports and relieve some energy!

Jason and Christy came down for Easter. It was a quick trip for them, but we had a lot of fun. It was actually pretty laid back and relaxing. Mitchell and Ethan are growing up so fast and it's almost like having two extra men in the house when they are here.

One more week and I'm free again! I can't wait. My house is filthy, my kids are enjoying the unorganized chaos, and my dog really misses me!

I've posted pictures in the album from Christmas, Easter and my new garden!


D... said...

Welcome back! Tax season is a booger bear, huh?

I'm sorry, but I can NOT picture your house filthy. I'm trying and I just can't do it.

I'm off to look at your pictures now.

Billie said...

Hi! It's so very nice to meet you!

Ok...tell Jeremy...never...ever...just leave his shirt down from now on!